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Shibori - Stitch Resist - Kathleen Goddu

Shibori Workshop

This two-day workshop with Kathleen Goddu on Lake Champlain in Vermont is an introduction to the Japanese art of shibori – stitched resist patterns. It is a wonderful beginning workshop for anyone wishing to learn shibori techniques, create beautiful one of a kind fabrics and witness the magic of indigo. Stitching as a way of resisting the dye has been used to a greater extent by the Japanese than by other peoples. Come learn and experience the flexibility and control you have with this technique to create designs of great variety—delicate or bold, simple or complex, pictorial or abstract. Unique effects are possible with stitched shibori depending on the type of stitch used, whether or not the cloth is folded, and the arrangement of the stitches: straight, curved, parallel, or the area that is enclosed. The principal stitch used in shibori is the running stitch. Some refer to stitched shibori as drawing with thread. You will learn many traditional stitched patterns and perhaps you’ll feel adventurous and create some of your own unique patterns.

Deadline to register is Friday, 3/31/2017.

Please visit Kathy’s website for more information.

Photo Source: https://kathleengoddu.com/shibori/stitched-shibori/