From March 2015

Minka: A Farmhouse in Japan

Minka: A Farmhouse in Japan
Screenshot from Minka: A Farmhouse in Japan, by Davina Pardo

Those of you who attended JASM’s 2011 Annual Meeting and Otsukimi Moon Viewing at SMCC in South Portland may recall seeing a short documentary about a Japanese farmhouse. This film has been funded by Kickstarter and is currently being featured by the New York Times.

You can now visit the New York Times website to watch the film again.

Wikipedia has more about John Roderick, the man from Waterville, Maine, who bought the farmhouse. And you can learn a little more about his life, work, passions, and love of chocolate ice cream in his obituary.

Yoshihiro Takishita, featured in this film, oversaw the dismantling, removal, reconstruction, and renovation of this minka.